The MIGF Gala Launch – the Sensory Extravaganza of the Year!

The most exciting gastronomic event of the year comes to Malaysia from November 2 – 29. The inaugural Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) was launched on 1st November 2006 at Shangri-La Hotel with a big bang befitting the celebration of dining in Malaysia. Restaurants from Kuala Lumpur and across the nation offer their finest fare with special Festival menus for exclusive special Festival prices.

The launch of country's premier fine dining festival was attended by some 2000 guests including the country's movers and shakers and a who' s who of Malaysian society, artisans and other well-known personalities.

Positioned along the perimeter of the Grand Ballroom were beautifully decorated stations representing 25 of Malaysia's very best restaurants with their superstar Master Chefs, offering bite-sized samples of the exquisite creations from their Festival Menus.

MIGF was officially launched by the Royal Patron of the Festival, the Tunku Laksamana of Negeri Sembilan, YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar with the Organising Chairman, Dato' Steve Day; Guest of Honour, YBhg Datuk Victor Wee, Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism; and Most Distinguished Guest, YBhg Datuk Haji Ruslin bin Hj Hasan, the Lord Mayor of Kuala Lumpur.

The fabulous array of entertainment for fortunate and distinguished guests included snake-charmers, clowns, dancers, jugglers, stilt-walkers, musicians and musical chefs using cooking utensils as instruments to announce the launch of the annual event. The carnival atmosphere of the party sets the stage for a month of fine dining in the country's finest restaurants. People were clearly having a ball deep into the night as a conga line that began in the ballroom gained strength and made its way into the staging area.

In addition to getting a taste of fantastic gourmet food from the country's top restaurants, guests had the opportunity to sample fine cigars from Trinidad Group, have their digital photos printed out by Fujifilm, and quench their thirst with ice-cold pints of Carlsburg. LG meanwhile was showing off its latest creation, the Time Machine LCD TV while Festival sponsors and partners manned stations around the party.

The Sky’s the Limit for Malaysia’s Premiere Gourmet Event
Whatever you do, don’t leave the country: Malaysia is the only place to be as the inaugural Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF)—the nation’s premiere gastronomic event—touches down in grand style from 2—29 November 2006.
To prove the point, three helicopters courtesy of Festival Partner Eurocopter landed in Dataran Merdeka, unloading a precious cargo of VIPs and Festival Master Chefs.
Building on the successful foundation of the KL International Gourmet Festival, MIGF continues to highlight the best KL has to offer while casting its beam wider to shine on gourmet restaurants across Malaysia.
25 of the finest restaurants in the country offer the creations of some of the world’s best chefs resident in Malaysia. They bring special Festival menus, offered at special Festival prices. Throughout the Festival, diners are invited to enjoy a feast of epic proportions without worrying about cost… except perhaps cost to the waistline. It’s nothing a gym membership or failing that, a good tailor can’t fix, as MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day pointed out at the press unveiling of MIGF.
Arriving in style in the first of the three Eurocopter helicopters that kicked off the exciting press launch were Guest of Honour, YBhg Datuk Dr Victor Wee, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism; the Festival Organising Chairman, YBhg Dato’ Steve Day and Mr. Jeffrey Perera, the Country Manager of Visa International (Asia Pacific) Ltd, the Festival’s title sponsor.
They were met a the ground by the Royal Patron of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, the Regent of Negeri Sembilan, HRH Tuanku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar, and the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, YBhg Datuk Hj. Ruslin bin Hj. Hasan and Chefs from Festival restaurants who had arrived at the MIGF press conference through more traditional means.
Attractive hostesses brought the VIPs a silver service, lifting the lid to reveal the pre-Festival guide that details the exciting offers and events of the Festival. As the VIPs opened the MIGF Pre-Festival Guide magazine, the Chefs let loose an amazing 25-confetti cannon salute to the sound of traditional tompans.

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