Ask any Malaysian what they miss most about their country when they’re away from home and I guarantee they will say one thing—the food!
As every one who lives here knows, Malaysia is hard to beat when it comes to the sheer choice and variety of cuisines available—and, of course, the very reasonable cost you pay compared to other world class food destinations.
The unprecedented success of five years of the Kuala Lumpur International Gourmet Festival is testament to this. The subsequent growth of Malaysia’s gourmet scene make confining the festival to KL impossible. So this year we present the inaugural Malaysia International Gourmet Festival—a world class event that is set to become one of the lynchpins of the country’s tourism calendar for many years to come
The vibrant fine dining scene builds more than Malaysia’s gourmet credibility. Its effects filter down to the whole of the hospitality industry with the increase in revenues benefitting the entire country. It also emphasises Malaysia’s reputation as a safe and sophisticated place in which to reside, conduct business, hold conventions and enjoy as a visitor.
A record number of restaurants will be participating this year and, as usual, diners can look forward to a slew of fantastic menus and dining offers. We encourage you to gather a few—or a few dozen—friends to experience the wonder of sumptuous cuisine in the finest surroundings.
If you have the stamina, you can visit all 25 restaurants in the 28 days of the Festival, a marathon of pleasure and endurance—but make sure you sign up to a good gym beforehand or have an experienced tailor on hand to take out your waistband!
Yes, November really is the month to dine out in Malaysia.

Jemput makan!

Dato’ Steve Day
Organising Chairman
Malaysia International Gourmet Festival

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the inaugural Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2006. From its beginnings in 2001, we have watched the Kuala Lumpur International Gourmet Festival grow and with it, gourmet dining across the city.
By launching nationwide this year, the success that has been achieved in Kuala Lumpur will now be replicated throughout the whole country. And, with the festival touching the whole of our fine country, I am honoured to once again be the Royal Patron of this prestigious event.
The growth and evolution of the festival is one all Malaysians can be proud of. As we continue to welcome visitors to Malaysia—especially with Visit Malaysia Year coming up next year—we also invite all Malaysians to further discover the delights of gourmet dining, not just in KL, but across the country.
Among the wonderful and unique culture and heritage of Malaysia, its dining scene is certainly among the highlights. We are fortunate to enjoy a rich and varied culture and an unrivalled global cuisine. These values are mirrored in the Festival as the organiser continues to act as an ambassador for epicurean arts right here in Malaysia.
The festival represents a once-a-year opportunity to enjoy the excellent hospitality and scintillating food in the inviting ambiance of Malaysia’s finest dining establishments. It’s an event I look forward to every year and an experience not to be missed.
Congratulations are again in order to AsiaReach Events for its foresight in creating the original Kuala Lumpur International Gourmet Festival and its ambition in growing the event to what it is today.
As we welcome diners from across Malaysia and around the globe to the annual Malaysia International Gourmet Festival I wish you all ‘Bon Appetit’ and encourage you to experience dining at its finest.

Warm welcome

YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar
Tunku Laksamana Negeri Sembilan
Royal Patron, The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival

It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to welcome you to the country’s biggest gourmet extravaganza, the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, which builds on the five-year success of the KL International Gourmet Festival.
The organisers have chosen a good time to make the festival a nationwide event with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 coming soon. In previous years, the KL version of the festival generated a great deal of publicity which translated into increased business not only for the country’s top restaurants but for the country’s food and beverage industry as a whole.
What’s unique about the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival is that there is no emphasis on flying chefs in from abroad for a food promotion over a certain period. Instead, the Festival touts the skills of world-class chefs already resident in Malaysia as well as the excellent service and qualities of the country’s best restaurants. As a result, both domestic and foreign visitors to Malaysia know they can expect top quality service and cuisines not just during the Festival but all year round too. No doubt, the wide array of Malaysian cuisines and delicacies plays a big role in satisfying the tastebuds of tourists and tempting them to come back to Malaysia over and over again.
I am also pleased to announce a very special event in Malaysia’s tourism calendar—Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007—which commemorates the 50th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence. You are all invited to be part of the grand year-long celebration. Be our special guests and enjoy a kaleidoscope of festivals, traditions and cultural festivities besides our unique natural assets throughout 2007.
Finally, I would like to remind you that Malaysia has a lot to offer to discerning visitors. The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival is one such event for its culinary delights will acquaint international guests with the multi-ethnic and cultural diversity of our country. I hope everyone will take advantage of the festival and savour the delights that make Malaysia truly Asia and indeed truly international too.

Bon appetit,

“Malaysia Truly Asia”
“Malaysia Welcomes The World”

YBM Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansur
Minister of Tourism

Malaysia is a fascinating country; a bubbling, bustling melting pot of different races, religions, cultures and, not least of all—cuisines. It’s a fact that Malaysia’s fabulous gastronomic heritage is a reflection of all of this. We are not ethnocentric—we don’t favour any one culture over another—we embrace all our cultures at one dining table.
At no other time is that delicious diversity better demonstrated than at the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, happening throughout November. Highlighting the best in culinary talent that the country has to offer, the festival is also a showcase for the different types of cuisine one can expect in Malaysia and the world-class chefs that render it.
From fine Western dining to Asian epicurean delights, the month-long Festival has it all—reinforcing the country’s reputation as the food haven of the Southeast Asian region.
Once again, the organiser, AsiaReach Events, makes the country proud with their organisational skills. By going nationwide for the first time this year, the festival will go a long way in helping to place Malaysia even higher on the international world dining map.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to commend all participating restaurants and their chefs for their commitment in doing their part to promote our country’s excellent cuisine—and thus our global reputation—to the world.
And, to the organisers, my heartiest congratulations on taking the festival to new heights!

Kind regards

YB Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim
Minister of Culture, Arts & Heritage

VISA is delighted to be the title sponsor on the national stage with the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival. Clearly, the Festival provides Visa an ideal platform to demonstrate the power and vibrancy of Visa by giving exclusive benefits and privileges to our Visa cardholders and merchants. This year we have lined up even more exciting offers for our cardholders at all the fine dining restaurants participating in this internationally acclaimed festival.
The festival’s overwhelming success in the past is now recognized by Tourism Malaysia whose involvement will escalate the Festival to greater heights. Visa has staunchly supported tourism initiatives in Malaysia such as working closely with the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism and encourage spending. Visa is also the main sponsor and official card of the Matta International Fair that promotes inbound, outbound and domestic tourism.
Inbound tourist spending has been steadily rising in Malaysia and is a good indicator of the tourism industry’s growth, especially in a tourist-driven economy like Malaysia’s. The use of Visa payment cards by visitors, especially during the festival, to the country demonstrates that international cardholders in Malaysia prefer the convenience of using their Visa card while traveling, shopping and dining here.
For Visa, this is the third year that we are directly involved with the festival which gives us the opportunity to work closely with our Festival sponsors and hotel partners, further demonstrating our commitment to fine dining and F&B in Malaysia.

Happy Dining!

Country Manager, Malaysia
Visa International (Asia Pacific) Ltd