Generous Hearted Chefs
A truly noble endeavour by the Festival Master Chefs and Festival restaurants who donate their time and resources to raise funds for deserving charitable cause. Reserved bid on chef may be made via fax (03 2282 3148) or via e-mail ( For further details, contact AsiaReach Events at 03 2282 8028
Chef: Tim Yee
Restaurant: MED.@Marche
Reserve Price: RM 7,000
Highlights: Let Chef de Cuisine Tim Yee tantalize your tastebuds with an exclusive Mediterranean-style 8-course gourmet dinner menu for a party of 10, complemented with fine wines and champagne, amidst the cosy, exotic atmosphere of MED.@Marché.
Chef: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Restaurant: Hanabi Japanese Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 4,888
Highlights: Combining his expertise in French and Japanese cuisine, Executive Chef Hiroyuki Kawasaki will create exquisite fireworks for the palate with his special Charity Auction Dinner menu for a party of 10, each course perfectly paired with sake, sochu and single malt Japan whisky.

Chef: Tan Kim Weng
Restaurant: Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 6,000
Highlights: Enjoy a culinary spread fit for kings as Chef Tan Kim Weng prepares a delectable, exquisitely presented 8-course gourmet menu of flavourful Cantonese cuisine for 10 people, perfectly matched with fine wines and champagne.

Chef: Ibrahim bin Salim
Restaurant: Tuscany Italian Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 5,000
Highlights: Chef Ibrahim Salim’s passion for real Italian home flavours will come through in this exclusive dinner for a party of 12. He will prepare the Festival Menu, complete with wine and champagne, served either within the cosy confines of Tuscany Italian Restaurant, or at your residence.

Chef: Mohd Khairusshahri bin Ghazali
Restaurant: Ikan Ikan Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 6,000
Highlights: A sparkling culinary journey of ethnic Malaysia awaits under the veil of starlit skies, embraced by the gentle sea breeze... Ikan Ikan’s Chef Khairul stirs up a royal feast of Asian-inspired seafood delicacies for 6, paired with premium wines and champagne, in a Rajasthani tent by the ocean’s edge.

Chef: Chan Kong Tung
Restaurant: Tai Zi Heen Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 10,000
Highlights: Wielding over 2 decades of experience in Chinese cuisine, Chef Chan Kong Tung will dazzle your party of 8 with a special dinner menu of innovative Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine, well matched with wine and champagne, within Tai Zi Heen’s sleek, modern interior.

Chef: Eric Lee
Restaurant: Imperial Rama
Reserve Price: RM 3,888
Highlights: Executive Sous Chef Eric Lee Mun Chun will present a sumptuous dinner for 10, comprising the Festival Menu paired with fine wines, infusing elements of Thai and Malaysian into Chinese delicacies that are bound to leave your party happy and satisfied.

Chef: Oliver Lopez
Restaurant: The Olive
Reserve Price: RM 3,888
Highlights: Indulge in a culinary getaway to the highlands for 10 people with Executive Sous Chef Oliver Lopez, who will prepare the Festival Menu, perfectly matched with fine wines, presenting delicious creations that embody The Olive’s chic and modern fine dining image.

Chef: Bong Chun Choi
Restaurant: Lai Po Heen
Reserve Price: RM5,000
Highlights: Affable, innovative Chef Bong Jun Choi will draw from his considerable experience in haute Cantonese cuisine to create a special charity auction dinner menu, complete with wine and champagne for 10 people at the elegant Lai Po Heen.

Chef: Lam Hock Hin
Restaurant: Chynna
Reserve Price: RM6,000
Highlights: Executive Chinese Chef Lam Hock Hin draws from two decades of experience and culinary knowledge to prepare his cutting edge Festival Menu for a party of 8 diners at the vibrant and beautifully decorated Chynna.

Chef: Mong Khon Srianekkhun
Restaurant: ISHQ Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 2,500
Highlights: Exquisite traditional Thai cuisine presented at this rustic restaurant by Executive Thai Chef Mongkhon, for 6 people taking the Festival Menu, with fine wine and champagne.

Chef: Ricky Kamiishi
Restaurant: Iketeru
Reserve Price: RM6,000
Highlights: Executive Japanese Chef Ricky Kamiishi’s inspirations are seasonal seafood, crisp vegetables and his Japanese roots. Chef Ricky will prepare his delightful Festival Menu for 8 people at the classically sophisticated Iketeru.

Chef: Michael Gremer
Restaurant: Lafite
Reserve Price: RM 5,000
Highlights: Executive Chef Michael Gremer will prepare an exquisite, special menu for 6, paired with fine wine and champagne. Chef Gremer’s eye for detail guarantees an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef: Sujinda Anekthanasan
Restaurant: Soi 23
Reserve Price: RM 3,000
Highlights: A showcase of Thai cuisine presented in true Thai style, as Chef Sujinda Anekthanasan presents his delicious Festival Menu for 10 people.

Chef: Marcel Koffler
Restaurant: Pacifica Restaurant
Reserve Price: RM 5,000
Highlights: Executive Chef Marcel Kofler will wield his extensive experience in classical European cuisine to prepare a special Charity Auction Dinner menu for 8, perfectly paired with fine wine and champagne – all served within Pacifica’s contemporary, vibrant environs.

Chef: Somkhuan Wandee
Restaurant: Tamarind Springs
Reserve Price: RM 3,000
Highlights: Executive Chef Somkhuan Wandee uses her expertise to conjure up her exotic Festival Menu, for a party of 6 diners, complete with wine and champagne. To make your experience complete, you will be treated to a welcome Cambodian ritual dance performance by Tamarind Springs’ very own Apsaras.

Chef: David Leung
Restaurant: Shang Palace
Reserve Price: RM 3,000
Highlights: Hong Kong Chef David Leung will present his fine, authentic Cantonese cuisine to a party of 8, matched with wine and champagne.

Chef: Michael Elfwing
Restaurant: Senses
Reserve Price: RM 6,000
Highlights: Swedish-born Senses Chef de Cuisine Michael Elfwing will present his exciting, fun Festival Menu to a party of 8 at the contemporary Senses.

Chef: Yuichi Takagi
Restaurant: Zipangu
Reserve Price: RM 3, 000
Highlights: Chef Yuichi Takagi brings his food to life with vivid seasonal colours and natural flavours in his Festival Menu, which he will prepare for 6 people in the award-winning Zipangu. Your meal will be well-matched with fine wine and champagne.