The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival highlights the top restaurants in the country while shining the spotlight on some of the world’s best chefs resident in Malaysia. While all of the Festival Restaurants are the best-of-breed for fine dining in Malaysia, the annual awards ceremony that concludes the Grand Finale Dinner showcases the best of the best.

Golden Cauldron Awards for Best All Round Restaurant
Presented by VISA
Winner: Lafite
Best Marketed Restaurant
Presented by Vision Four Media Group
Winner: Westin (Prego and EEST)
Most Creative Festival Menu
Presented by Astro
Winner: Lafite
Most Innovative Cuisine
Presented by Vision KL
Winner: Senses
Most Creative Dining Experience
Presented by Vision KL
Winner: Shangri-La (Lafite, Zipangu and Shang Palace)
Most Outstanding Festival Cuisine During Gala Launch
Presented by Mercedes-Benz
Winner: Zipangu
Most Outstanding Service Team during the Festival
Presented by Tourism Malaysia
Winner: Tai Zi Heen
Best Value Menu of the Festival
Presented by AsiaReach Events
Winner: Pacifica
Most Creative Restaurant Display at Gala Launch
Presented by Fujifilm
Winner: Tamarind Springs